About Ruidoso Animal Clinic in Ruidoso, NM

At Ruidoso Animal Clinic in Ruidoso, NM, we are committed to providing our patients with the highest quality veterinary medicine available. We are an AAHA accredited practice that maintains the highest possible veterinary standards. We are the only AAHA accredited animal hospital in our area. We are committed to excellent customer service and excellent pet care service.

Mission Statement

Our mission at the Ruidoso Animal Clinic is to provide the highest quality medical, surgical, and dental care to our patients while focusing on exceptional customer service. The practice will always use state-of-the-art diagnostics and safest practices to provide the best and most informed care for our patients. We believe strongly in the importance of continuing education for all of our team members so that our practice always evolves and stays current. All of our team members should be given the knowledge and empowerment to help educate the clients to understand all aspects of pet health and preventative care.

We pledge to treat our patients with love, respect, and compassion and do everything we can to ensure our patient’s safety while they are in our care. We want to be an important part of both the human and animal community in Lincoln County, New Mexico and always be available as a resource for animal health and emergency care. In the pursuit of this, we pledge and guarantee that we will always do our best to provide our patients with the best possible veterinary care.

Our Hospital Goals:

  1. To maintain a clinic that practices compassionate care for our patients from birth through end-of-life care. During this time we will do everything we can to provide clients with the education they need to help their pets maintain the best-possible quality of life. All team members should be involved in this process to ensure that every interaction with the clinic is positive and focused on patient and customer care and client education.
  2. To maintain ourselves as the most progressive practice in our region and serve as a resource for diagnostic medicine and surgery.
  3. To utilize continuing education as a means to nourish team members so that every employee can be involved in bettering the practice.
  4. To provide the region’s highest quality emergency service to our community.
  5. To provide a work environment that is exciting, motivating, and fulfilling. Employees are involved in our mission and should feel that they have an important role in both the practice and the community.

Ruidoso Animal Clinic: Vision Statement

To be the best provider of advanced veterinary care for patients, clients, and referring veterinarians in the region. We will offer exemplary client service and be known for our compassionate care. We will always provide a working environment that encourages employees to realize their full potential.

Ruidoso Animal Clinic: Core Values

We will use the highest ethics, the highest quality of analgesia to prevent pain, and use preventative medicine and surgery in the best interests of our patients.


If you have questions about our hospital policies, we encourage you to contact us. We’ll be happy to help.