Diagnostic Services Offered by Ruidoso Animal Clinic

At Ruidoso Animal Clinic, we offer a variety of diagnostic services for your pet. Pet diagnostics are designed to identify health problems as well as their level of severity so that treatment can be planned. Our diagnostic services include:

  • Radiology Services: Our on-site digital X-ray equipment provides high quality radiographs to aid in the diagnosis and evaluation of many conditions including fractures, urinary blockage, bowel obstruction, and respiratory distress.
  • Ultrasound: We can provide complete abdominal and cardiac ultrasound as needed for patient evaluation. Pregnancy ultrasounds can aid in determining the number of fetuses and stage of gestation.  If needed, we can use telemedicine to submit the studies to specialists around the country.
  • Endoscopy: We perform endoscopy when needed to diagnose difficult cases.
  • Electrocardiography Services: We provide ECG services on-site as well as consultations with cardiology specialists.
  • Laboratory: Our in-house laboratory allows us to perform cultures and cytologies, fecal examinations for internal parasites, tests for Heartworm, Lyme disease and Ehrlichia, the Feline Leukemia virus and much more. We have full capability of running immediate chemistry, hematological, and urinalysis tests on our IDEXX VetLab Station. We also use several commercial veterinary laboratories for specialized diagnostics and consultations. 
  • Digital Dental Radiology: We provide digital dental radiology in order to capture accurate and detailed images of your pet’s oral structure so we can identify any underlying oral health concerns.